Dating stronger women

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Sharon is strong minded, quick witted, intelligent, funny and assertive, and that can be a lot to handle for a man, however we compliment each other perfectly which is why our marriage has worked so well and continues to get stronger..

But, not all men can handle a strong woman, so I thought I would write an article on the things you should expect when dating a strong woman.

You’re going to have to stop dancing around important life issues and start being straight with her, as that’s how she’s going to be with you.

If there is an issue or something bothering her, you’re going to know about it.

I’d argue that women have always been strong, we’re just now choosing to acknowledge it.

This are 20 things to remember if you are dating a strong woman: 1. Expect her to want to take control every once in a while and handle a situation on her own.

If you’re speaking negatively about something, expect her to question it.

But underneath this strength they are still human, they are still female in need of a male counterpart. Dinner at the same restaurant for every date probably won’t interest her for long. A strong woman does not want to waste her time on gossip or drama. So expect an open and often direct line of communication, with a little sugar-coating thrown in every once in a while.

They still feel, they are still afraid, and they are still capable of love.

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Dating a woman who is strong and determined and has her act together is an experience full with valuable lessons to be learned.

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