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I was wrong and I learned a lot from that misconception. For men and women, to support them and help them to also become more True Lovers. I’ve fathomed the depth of the polarity between the masculine and the feminin.

In the first years of the path of lovingness I thought of love as a ‘luxury’ instead of the essence of it all. In doing this I slowly brought eroticism back into my life and colored it with it’s original meaning: feeling love in it’s completeness. I studied the Art of Soulful and Soulsexy living and relationships. The unbearable sweetness of life in it’s truthfulness (my fuel), and the love that makes everything lighten up.

When I first heard this question it was at a Ridhwan retreat, it became essential for me to find the answer to it. Sometimes it happens in leaps and bounds, sometimes it’s a careful and slow progress with a ‘beginnners’ scepticism: ‘What do you mean masculin or feminin? What I enjoyed most of all were trainings and sessions about love. My attention on what makes people tick, what is your personal powersource, your life-energy, sexyness, aliveness. Not ‘just’ Tantra and Tao, but communication, seksuality, bodywork, breathing exercises and indepth study of many forms of relationship. – Every week a different hairdo with a different color …

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