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The two partners are working with systems integrators to help industries make use of their existing systems in the cloud, modernising them to take full advantage of the new mobile and cloud and create cost efficiencies.

Another joint ambition is to create a wider set of Apache Cordova plug-ins and code samples to help customers modernize their enterprise applications.

Where there's a scoop to be had you can trust we are your reporters du jour, and this afternoon we have a tasty little cherry to top your sundae.

For those of you familiar with mobile online dating, the app Tinder has revolutionized romance and hookups in the last few years.

We've had stirring musical parodies, joyful dream crush matches, and mildly NSFW Valentine's.

In the Drina Valley, the remains of 8,372 victims of the massacre have been exhumed from 275 mass graves in recent years.Srebrenica was a UN-protected enclave besieged by Bosnian Serb forces throughout the 1992-95 war.But UN troops there were quickly overrun when the Serbs entered the town, rounded up its Bosnian Muslim population and killed more than 8,000 men and boys.Samsung and Oracle have worked with systems integrators on new cloud based mobile and Internet of Things systems, which will be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.These include an HCL Technologies-inspired predictive maintenance system for Samsung Gear S2, the Oracle Io T Cloud Service and the Oracle Service Cloud.

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