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to your account (via telnet or ssh for example) you may want to upload the entire php BB3 archive (in binary mode!

) to a directory on your host and unarchive it there.

This document will walk you through the basics on installing, updating and converting the forum software.

For more detailed information on using, installing, updating and converting php BB3 you should read the documentation available online.php BB 2.0.23 includes the session ID in a request to when the moderator or administrator closes a thread, which allows remote attackers to hijack the session via a post in the thread containing a URL to a remotely hosted image, which might include the session ID in the Referer header.Unspecified vulnerability in php BB before 3.0.4 allows attackers to obtain sensitive information via unknown vectors related to the lack of password prompts for a private message that quotes a post in a password-protected forum.Visit and download the latest version of the forum Unzip the file and you will find a folder named “phpbb”.Now you need to decide whether you want your URL to look like or yourdomain.com/Name Of The Folder/ If you want it to look like the first one you need to upload only the content of the “phpbb” folder.

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